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We are thrilled to present an exciting research project at the intersection of cryptography and artificial intelligence. Our project aims to develop an algorithm that leverages deep learning techniques to predict private keys based on public ones.

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Our business model

Our model involves providing key recovery services for crypto assets. We plan to charge a fee for key recovery.

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Benefit for investors

We are offering a 10% stake in our project for an investment of $350,000.

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What is our research team focused on?

Our research team is developing AI techniques to predict ECDSA private keys from public keys, aiming to tackle the problem of lost assets in cryptographic systems. We're training our model on a large-scale dataset, utilizing advanced GPUs, with the goal to effectively restore private keys and secure digital assets.

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Potential Return

Considering the huge amounts of inaccessible crypto assets, a successful implementation of our project could lead to a significant return on investment.

Financial Planning

We need $350,000 to initiate and run the project for 8-10 months. This budget will cater for computational resources for AI training and project upkeep.

Offer for Investors

We are offering a 10% stake in our project for an investment of $350,000.

Main objectives

Our main goal is to help individuals regain access to their cryptocurrency assets lost due to forgotten or misplaced private keys.

Our team


We plan to charge users a fee as a percentage of the value of the restored assets. This could vary depending on the size of the assets and the complexity of key recovery.

Target Market

Our primary target audience is individual crypto asset owners and, potentially, cryptocurrency exchanges that may require such recovery services.

Scaling Strategy

After creating a successful MVP and receiving positive results, we plan to scale our services by attracting more users and expanding our operations.

Our team

Bekzad and a team of IT specialists with experience in the field of cryptography and artificial intelligence.

Development direction


(8-10 months, $350,000): Development of an AI algorithm and validation of its performance.


(12 months, $1.5M): Creation of a prototype, further testing and improvement of the algorithm.

Series A

(12 months, $7M): Legal training, creating an interactive platform and expanding the team.

Series B

(12-18 months, $25M): Business scaling, marketing and further technology improvement.